10.20.04 :: San Diego Premeire for friends.

Everyone's support has been amazing, and everyone seemed to enjoy the movie. I heart my friends very hard. : ] They all seemed to honestly be proud of our accomplishment! Ha!

10.1.04 :: Previewed in Utah!

People in Utah seem to enjoy it. Seeing their reactions to the "surprise" was priceless. Well worth it just for that reaction.


It's done! It's done! I called mum, and she didn't seem to care, but it's done! My very first movie ever. And after an all nighter of editing and processing, Stephe and I are headed to his hometown, Utah, for the film forum. FUN!!!!

9.27.04 :: EDITING Begins!!

9.23.04 :: FILMING begins!

Ohhhhh no. The script isn't finished, and the time is ticking down to the end of the month. MDG put an ad in the papers looking for an actress for ANN, a flood of headshots pour in. Mike and I begin preliminary shooting.

9.20.04 :: Movie in production!

I started writing "the Cat Movie" and thinking of location issues… Mike's on the prowl trying to make sure things go smoothly with the camera.

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